Ben Patton Veterans Project is powerful.

As a psychologist I am always looking for ways to help people heal. Post traumatic reactions to warfare are some of the most terrifying and persistent reactions. To use smart phones to create videos that help heal soldiers is amazing, yet makes sense. As Ben Patton states in AARP.ORG/Bulletin: "Younger veterans are part of the the You Tube generation who understand the medium of video better than past generations. We are all carrying around a video camera in our pocket....It's a very easy and quick way for someone to create a narrative."

The full power of the smart phone camera is yet to be determined! I see smart phones and selfies as bringing health, recovery, joy, drama, comedy, and more to the world. Thank you, Ben Patton for using smart phones to help our dedicated soldiers reduce their stress and feel empowered once again to seek treatment and reconnect with family and friends. More at