Create A Legacy

When I discovered 'The Enchanted Self' inside of each of us, over 20 years ago, I never dreamed there would come a day in the future what I would embrace 'Selfiesasfilm'. But that day has come! The Enchanted Self helps us rediscover the creative parts of ourselves that can get crushed and lost as we grow-up. It is the part of ourselves that often intuitively knows when we are honoring our strengths, our talents and our potential. It is the part that feels whole and filled with joy when we are able to achieve purpose and fulfillment in our lives. It is a part that we want to keep alive until 120!

Hannah Witton is an amazing young woman. For several years she has used the selfie concept to video herself talking openly about many subjects that girls, tweens, teens and even young women have questions and concerns about. She is not shy, actually she is brave, giving clear information in simple, often humorous and always understandable ways. She is doing a service long overdue! Thanks, Hannah!

The "SelfiesAsFilm" Concept Makes YOU A Filmmaker

'Selfiesasfilm' could not have happened without the technological break through of the smart phone. Smart phones have made possible video filming literally in the palm of your hand. Having the technology at your fingertips means that millions of people can experiment as filmmakers and succeed. Whether they succeed in a funny video to show friends or develop a career in filmmaking, there is endless potential that didn't exist in the past when filming was very expensive and dependent on a great deal of training.

The overlap is brilliant! If you are one of many people who have the potential to live out some of your life dreams via filmmaking in this new way, come join us.

My Goal Is To Help You

As a psychologist and now a filmmaker, my dream is to encourage everyone who has an idea, be it teaching how to plant roses, a script for a horror film, a new form of visual diary, etc. to join me in this form of expression. I've been busy making films that incorporate both a smart phone and a small film crew. For me that works fabulously as I create psychological powerful films that are educationally and dramatically relevant.

For you, you may want to try you hand at this kind of filmmaking or stick with just the smart phone. This is a site where you can send in the link to your work!

We will be sharing those links and asking some of you to be interviewed.