Resilience and self-esteem are the essential ingredients needed for happiness. In all her books and films, Dr Holstein presents positive psychology as entertainment and a means to happiness.

The Enchanted Self is all about recognizing and making real our own potential. Today's world offers ways to express and be ourselves that have never existed before. The smart camera is one of the inventions that has allowed all of us to capture the moment, whether for fun or serious drama, or to be historians of our times or ourselves.

Now a new platform has appeared for serious drama and discussion: the zoom platform. From around the world in separate places, orchestras can perform, dancers can delight us, serious drama can be shared, family and friends can visit, corporations can have their meetings, students can be taught and more.

Each of us can explore through smart phones and virtual platforms one's self, one's talents, one's courage. This is what The Enchanted Self is all about. This is your moment to triumph by embracing the new world of personal technology. This site is the place to share what you create! Welcome to SelfieFilmmakers and Selfiezooming!


Selfie Filmmakers - The Selfie Project

Selfies as films is a way to take what millions of kids and adults are doing on a daily basis and turn it into an intimate communication of feelings. Whether that video is then uploaded to a social media site, sent to a friend, sent to a stranger or just serves as a modern-day diary is for the viewer to ponder. Also for the viewer to ponder are ways in which the many powerful psychological subjects brought up in our films induce discussion and thought after viewing the film.

Selfie Films = Self Expression + Communication

Did anyone plan for selfies to be a new form of film making? I don't think so. Rather they were to be a quick way to take pictures on holiday, at school, at a family reunion, or in other situations. Selfies have served all of these purposes and thousands more. But within the nature of the selfie lies so much more. Anything that can capture so quickly the moods, emotions and happenings of people is a valuable means of self expression and artistic potential along with being an extraordinary communication tool.

Selfie Films Are The New Film Genre

The depth of Selfies hasn't been measured yet but is profound. Allowing actors to do their own filming of scenes, while a camera crew films parts of the film is being done now. I am doing it, having made many short films ranging from 30 seconds to 16 minutes using this technology. These films, based on my work as a positive psychologist and an author, reflect in a penetrating, dramatic way, aspects of coming of age and the issues that arise. I believe filmmakers, if not already will be making entire films with the actors using smart phones.
New forms of videos such as Selfie cinematography combined with animation, music, art, interviews, jokes, animals at play, etc. already exist. In fact funny animal Selfie films are top items and go viral with millions watching every week.

You Are The Filmmaker

If you have captured your dog playing the piano and your Selfie has gone viral, you are an Selfie videogapher, as if you have interviewed your grandmother about aging and the video is up on You Tube. If you have a channel on You Tube where you teach other young girls how to put on make-up, you too, are an established videographer and may be making a good living doing it.

If you have created a plot and shot your film with your smart phone, and/or your actors have shot scenes with their smart phones, you are a Selfie filmmaker, perhaps on the way to the Oscars!

Check Out What Others Are Doing And Join In

The focus of this site is to honor different facets of the Selfie Film phenomenon. Let's explore what makes these videos and films so inviting psychologically and emotionally. Let me introduce you to a variety of people who are the creators of this new wave of filmmaking. They range in age from 6 to 100, and their films cover a variety of topics. From the depths of our souls to the lightest touch of humor, a new wave of filmmakers are exploring being human, being alive, sharing thoughts and feelings in a new way, and discovering all sorts of stories and plots they wish to tell and share via their smart phones.

Selfie Filmmakers is here to honor you, the creators of selfie videos for fun, entertainment and instruction. We are also here, via The Selfie Project to honor those of us who choose to use selfie filmaking to create drama or to share important issues and potential solutions.

Parents, grandparents, grown-ups, teachers, creative artists, humorists, story tellers.

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