Instructions for Selfie Videos for 'The Selfie Project - Selfie Showcase'

Hi, I am Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, positive psychologist/filmmaker. My positive psychology is called THE ENCHANTED SELF and is all about bringing joy, well-being and purpose into our lives.

A project that developed from my work is 'The Selfie Project'. You can find out more about this project at and In essence I have developed a positive use of selfies to benefit all of us. For kids, teens, young and older adults, selfies allow you to more candidly express what is on your mind-your concerns, worries, observations, possible solutions. Selfies also make it easy for you to make drama films around important subjects, using a smart phone.

I am hoping you will make a selfie film that shares your feelings and thoughts and ideas on a subject, either by you discussing what's on your mind or creating a short drama. You may make one film for my project or many. So let's get you started.

Here is what you need to do to make a 2 minute or less selfie where you share your thoughts, ideas and solutions on an important topic or create a short drama:

Please hold your phone vertical. Place it so it is steady and not moving. Shaky films distract. You may want to put it on a shelf or somewhere rather than holding it in your hand or get a special holder for your smart phone.

Please put your phone on its best resolution. On the iphone that is usually 60. On some iphones after it is on 60 you will not be able to see yourself as you record as you have to turn the phone backwards for the better lens. That means you will have to practice how to get yourself into the frame as you wish.

Your up to two minute video may take time and thought. If you are making a drama you will probably have to edit a bit later. There are easy editing apps to download.

You may find yourself making a few videos before you are satisfied. Only send one in though per subject, the one you are most satisfied with.

Have a lot of fun as you make your video. You are free to wear what you like, make yourself up as you wish, select a background, if you are doing a drama, have other people acting, etc.

As far as setting just make sure you are not near extra noise. For example a fan or a heater that clicks on or cars or a barking dog. Also, make sure there is good lighting.

Choice of topics for this round are Lock Downs, friend drama, magic, social media, climate change, parties, a crush, a first job.

If you are between the ages of 13 and 18: After you are satisfied with your video put it up on You Tube and leave the settings public, then send us the link at

If you are younger than 13, please ask your parents or guardian to put up a You Tube channel and then work together to load your video up on it. Leave the settings public and send us the link of the video to

Thank you so much for participating! I hope you will join me on my Podcast show, perhaps be in my next film, enjoy the fun of having your video or videos up on our website where we Show Case what you have created with a smart phone. It will be fun to bring your friends and family to watch your film. Also, you will benefit from the festival tips, and other mentoring tips that our team can offer you about filmmaking and sharing your creative talents.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein