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The truth is in life, that unless we are able to savor our own talents, strengths and potential we are destined to be at the mercy of others. Everyone has an unique set of talents and potential. When these are crushed or not developed the person suffers. All of us have been stifled or put down at some point in growing up. But when it gets too much, for example when a kid is bullied, or seduced into taking drugs, that person may end up so depressed that even suicide can take place.

We must all make efforts to protect and educate our children so that they grow up able to get in touch with what I call their 'Enchanted Selves'. That is the part of us that responds to a chance to use our talents, strengths and potential and responds to encouragement, love, good education, opportunities, etc. Yes, every child deserves to feel whole and able to follow her heart.

Good Examples Are Everywhere

JoJo Siwa, a You Tube star at age 13, is a good example of a girl following her heart. As the New York Times Reports, she is ready to take on mean girls with 'hair bows, kind behavior and demure dress. 'I'm thirteen and I like being thirteen.' JoJo is true to herself and she is a role model to young girls. Check her out here.

Stay True To Yourself And Speak Your Mind

My 'girl' in my films, I also believe is a strong role model to girls, tweens and teens. She has problems, ups and downs, moods, disappointments, and more, but she stays true to herself and that leads to solutions and happiness."

What this site is for is to bring together in one place, selfie videos created by girls, tweens and teens for purposes of educating others, sharing feelings, discussing topics and/or creating selfie films that tell a story.

Submit YOUR Selfie Video

So, girls, tweens and teens, pick up your cell phone or camera and start your selfie video!

Upload to the web and send me your link. I'll be looking for videos to share via this site and be inviting some of you to be interviewed.

Rachel co-wrote, composed and sings in her own video for kids with OCD and any type of challenge. She did this for her Bat Mitzvah project 3 years ago when she was 13. It came in 2nd place in the International OCD Video Contest in 2016.

Autumn Peltier, a 13-year old water advocate from the Wikwemikong First Nation in northern Ontario, addressed world leaders on March 22 at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City on World Water Day. Autumn is part of the official launch of the United Nations International Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development project, travelling the world as a celebrated ambassador for 'Nibi' (water). Peltier was the only child from Canada to be nominated for the 2017 International Children's Peace Prize.

Greta Thunberg at the United Nations Climate Change Conference