Selfies As Therapy

It may seem strange to think that taking a Selfie video could be therapeutic. But think again. That smart phone which most of us have in our pocket or purse is the a step away from better mental health if used correctly. How so? Because for centuries, even before there was a field of psychology, people knew that talking and sharing their feelings, ideas, thoughts, dreams, etc. was good for them. There is a cathartic release when we can get things that are on our mind out into the world or focus on something that gives us delight. Here are some major ways that #selfiesasfilm are therapeutic:

1. As diaries of our own lives. Memoir is a known therapeutic technique. Now we can all do it.
2. Talking about thoughts, feelings or ideas that are worrisome to us. This is the central principle of many forms of psychotherapy and research validates that it is healthy to go from thought to verbal expression.
3. The mental health factor of humor is well established. Good therapy can be a belly laugh. Now with Selfies you can enjoy a chuckle anytime you wish.
4. The therapist, mentor, counselor, life coach, boss; using a Selfie video to guide, teach, lead, explain, give hope to others.
5. Selfies as drama. All through history drama has been used as a cathartic way of releasing tension, understanding human nature and just getting relief from the stresses of life.

Here we see different forms of #Selfiesastherapy. Mia expresses anxiety and the pressures of being a senior on high school. Anthony expresses his concerns over school drama. Dr. Holstein uses a selfie to advise, encourage and explain steps and behaviors in relationships. A student talks about the anxiety and disappointment of not getting into colleges one after the other. Elena uses a Selfie to dramatize the back story of the shy girl she plays in 'Conflict' a short film by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein. And less we forget the power of humor, a dog attempts to imitate opera as he plays the piano!