The Selfie Film Awards

Welcome to the Selfie Film Awards. You know all about selfies and in fact you probably make selfies all the time. But do you make selfies that get your important messages across to a larger group of people? Here is your chance to do so.

As a positive psychologist/filmmaker I know that the creative process is good for our health and for finding solutions. It is also healthy to share our thoughts and feelings about important subjects we have to deal with in life. And of course it is important to have fun, to find ways to bring humor into daily life.

How The Selfie Film Awards Work:

1. You make the videos that share important ideas, feelings, thoughts, drama messages, ways to solve problems, ways to have fun. Selfie films should be no more than 2 minutes total length.

2. Load your selfie film up to Youtube and fill out the form below with a link to your film. Don't forget to check the appropriate category.

3. If accepted, we will present it on this award page and make it eligible to receive votes during the voting period.

4. Winners will be chosen by public vote. Voting period begins Saturday, August 18, 2018 and ends Saturday, May 18, 2019.

5. Winners will receive a digital seal of distinction. Winners will also have a chance to be part of 'The Selfie Project' which could include appearing on Dr. Holstein's Podcast show with your Selfie, and/or having your video selected for an online interview with Dr. Holstein and other opportunities that may come up.

Academic Stresses


Being Excluded

Body Issues


Coming Of Age


Falling In Love

Friend Drama

Gun Violence

Innovative Ideas

Life Can Be Funny

Parental Drama

Peer Pressure

School Shootings

Social Media